Small Multiples is a duo consisting of pianist/songwriter Craig Hartley and guitarist Eli Friedmann, who first met while attending the New School University in New York City. After going their separate ways for a few years, they reconnected when Craig contacted Eli to perform some new songs he had written.

The term "small multiple" (popularized by the statistician, Yale professor emeritus, and visual artist Edward Tufte) denotes a method that allows for quick visual comparison exhibiting variety and scopes of alternatives. Similar to the concept of small multiple designs, the music of Small Multiples merges inspiration from an eclectic array of musical influences, melodically combining them while still maintaining each influence's integrity. On a macro level, Small Multiples frequently brings in and works with a variety of talented artists, such as Leah Siegal (a.k.a. Firehorse) and Aaron Nevezie (producer/co-owner of the Bunker Studio).

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